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So you’ve bought your Annual Pass, you have the card in your hand and the introduction guide to flip through, but the next question is how do I make use of all these privileges the Annual Pass gives me? The information provided can be lacklustre, if a tad non-existent, but we’re here to fill in the gaps for you.

Park Access

Pass Levels: All

First, the obvious one. The different levels of pass allow you access to the parks on certain days with Infinity having no restrictions at all. Blackout Days as they’re called are days you can’t use your pass to enter the parks and can only be “overridden” if you are staying on-site at a Disney hotel. The number of days per years is:

  • Discovery – 150 Days
  • Magic Flex – 300 Days
  • Magic Plus – 350 Days
  • Infinity – 365 Days

Discovery Pass does have the most restricted days, with the vast majority of peak periods and weekends locked away, in addition, the Discovery pass has the downside of that you can’t use the pass on the 2nd and 3rd day after you received your pass!

Disneyland Paris keeps an up-to-date calendar of blackout days on their annual pass section of the website, before you book any travel it’s best to check if you can access the park on the days you want.

Car Park Access

Pass Levels: Discovery*, Magic Flex, Magic Plus, Infinity.

With the Flex and higher annual pass, you have access to car parking for free, with Infinity having access to a privileged parking area closer to the park. Accessing the car park is just as you would expect, follow the signs for the park and then the car park. At the main entrance gate to the car park just show your annual pass and you’ll be let through. For Infinity owners, you’ll be given a code to access the privileged area located closer to the park.

The terms and conditions state a few small restrictions; only cars, light-duty vehicles, and motorbikes. Your annual pass doesn’t include parking at special events, and if you want to park with a camper van then it is a €19 supplement per day.

Discovery passes, while they don’t include free parking you can add it on for an extra €60, but for the extra €19 you might as well upgrade to a Magic Flex and get the extra bonuses.

Discounts in Disneyland Paris Shops

Pass Levels: Magic Flex, Magic Plus (10%), Infinity (20%).

Discounts in the shops can soon add up. Using this privilege is simple; just present your annual pass when you’re paying at the checkout and the cast member will quickly scan it and update the price. The discount will exclude some items (such as books) but you can always check with a cast member. Infinity pass holders receive an increased discount of 20%.

Disneyland Paris also holds annual pass shopping days from time to time, where the discounts are increased for a restricted time period. Usually, they coincide with annual pass parties, but it is worth checking the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass holders Facebook group from time to time to see what is coming up, they’re usually announced about a month before.

With all discounts and offers at Disneyland Paris, it seems to be French law to declare the various discount levels available in that store, usually on a small sign near the tills, so if you are curious about what discount you can receive always check out the sign!

Discounted Night at Disney Hotels

Pass Levels: Magic Flex, Magic Plus, Infinity.

The upper tiers of the annual passes allow you to book discounted room rates at Disney hotels, most of the discount comes with not requiring tickets to the park as part of the room price and booking on a “room only” basis. This is one benefit that can be extremely variable with some people reporting booking rooms for lower than the tiered price for your annual pass. This is one of the benefits that has slowly lost its value over the years, but it’s worth checking before booking elsewhere.

To make use of this benefit Infinity can call the Infinity Concierge line. Magic Flex and Magic Plus can call the normal booking line and mention you’re booking room only with an annual pass.

Discounted One Day Tickets

Pass Levels: Magic Flex, Magic Plus, Infinity.

With your annual pass, you can get a straight 20% discount on one-day park entry tickets up to a maximum of 5 per day. While not a good deal as the fixed priced tickets on Magic Plus and Infinity are technically unlimited throughout the year. On the higher tiers, these discounts are still available to you even when you’ve used all your super discounted tickets.

To use just present your annual pass at the ticket booth and mention the one day discounted tickets.

Annual Photopass+

Pass Levels: Magic Flex (€65), Magic Plus (€59), Infinity (Free).

The PhotoPass+ is Disneyland Paris’ way to receive your ride and meet & greet photos in digital form, they’re available in various forms but for annual passes, you can pay (or get for free with Infinity) for an annual PhotoPass+.

To purchase your PhotoPass+ you can buy at most of the PhotoPass retailers, but we suggest New Century Notions Flora’s Unique Boutique as it’s quiet most days. Just present your Annual Pass to a cast member at the PhotoPass desk and ask for your discounted PhotoPass+.

We’ve got a full breakdown of your PhotoPass+ and how to make the best use of it, and to avoid repeating ourselves here we suggest you check it out.

Discounts at Disneyland Paris Restaurants

Pass Levels: Magic Flex, Magic Plus, Infinity.

Now we’re getting into the real discounts. From Magic Plus and Infinity you start receiving discounts of 10% (or 15% for Infinity) at Disneyland restaurants. This benefit is probably the one causing the most confusion as to where and how you can actually use it. So first of all lets over what the Terms and Conditions say:

Discount applies to food and non-alcoholic drinks in the restaurants of Disneyland Paris Hotels and Parks and in the following restaurants at Disney Village: Annette’s Diner, Café Mickey, La Grange, New York Style Sandwiches and The Steakhouse. Limited to 6 guests (including the Annual Pass holder). The discount is valid for reservations on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners (24th and 31st December). Not available on restriction days and reservations must be booked in advance. Advantage not applicable in the bars of Disneyland Paris (including the Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant).

Useful, but probably not crystal clear. But let us cover the big items in a few bullet points:

  • The discount is applicable in restaurants only, so no Cafe Fantasia, Hotel bars, food carts, and specifically “Café des Cascadeurs”.
  • One annual pass can give discounts for up to six people.
  • The discount works in selected places in Disney Village, but not all (bolded above).

To use the discount just make sure you give your Annual Pass to your server before you order.

Discounted Breakfast with Disney Characters

Pass Levels: Infinity.

Infinity passes receive a 15% discount on character breakfast dining at Plaza Gardens, one pass will provide 5 people with a 15% discount on the meal cost. Much like the restaurant discounts all you need to do is present your annual pass when being seated.

Cheap 1 Day / 2 Park Tickets

Pass Levels: Magic Plus, Infinity.

In addition to the discounted entrance tickets, Magic Plus and Infinity level annual passes also get access to 10 heavily discounted one-day tickets per year, with a maximum of 5 per week.

For Magic Plus they’re priced at €42 in low season and €57 for high season, and for Infinity, €37 for low season and €52 for high season.

High and low season are defined by the terms and conditions as:

High season dates: July 24 to August 28, 2021 inclusive; September 4, 11, 18, 25; October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17; and from October 23 to November 3 inclusive. Privilege ticket prices beyond November 3, 2021 have not been determined at the date of publication of this document; consult our site regularly for these prices

To buy these tickets you’ll need to reserve them in advance via the Annual Pass Portal, then collect at a ticket booth.

Dedicated Entrance

Pass Levels: Magic Plus, Infinity.

Each of the parks has a dedicated entrance for Magic Plus and Infinity pass holders, this can be found by heading to the far left of the entrance gates and looking for the sign. This entrance can be busy during extra magic hours, but if you’re arriving for the standard opening time you’ll avoid a lot of the queues.

Extra Magic Time

Pass Levels: Magic Plus, Infinity.

Magic Plus and Infinity get access to Extra Magic Time, much like any of the on-site guests do. You can either enter the park by the dedicated Magic Plus and Infinity queue or you can just head to one of the standard gates. We find that it’s best to enter through the roped-off area near Disneyland Hotel, while it’s roped off for hotel guests only Cast Members usually let you through with just an annual pass.

Non-alcoholic Aperitif with Meals

Pass Levels: Magic Plus, Infinity.

In selected restaurants you can receive a non-alcoholic aperitif at the start of your meal, it is supposed to vary between restaurants but over time its generally settled on a simple orange juice and grenadine cocktail, which is hardly going to set the world on fire but a free drink can’t be looked down upon.

To claim this just show your Magic Plus or Infinity pass to your server before your order.

Free Stroller/Wheelchair Rental, Guest Storage, and Kennels

Pass Levels: Infinity.

Disneyland Paris offers strollers and wheelchairs for rental, luggage storage and near the car park kennels for your furry friend. At Infinity level this is available free of charge, with some limitations;

  • One stroller and wheelchair per day, per pass.
  • Three bags per day, per pass.
  • One cat or dog per day, per pass. Excludes overnight stays.

To use present your Infinity pass when using these services.

VIP Viewing Areas

Pass Levels: Infinity.

TAKE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 all fireworks and parades have been stopped, since then Disneyland Paris has removed the VIP Viewing areas from the benefits listed on the website. We expect this benefit will return but for the moment it has been stopped.

With your annual pass, you can book tickets with your Infinity pass to access VIP areas for viewing of the fireworks and certain parades and shows. For most of the year, it’ll be the “Stars on Parade” parade and the nightly fireworks. Unlike other benefits, this isn’t something you can just use on the day and you’ll need to pre-book tickets up to two weeks in advance to make use of them.

To use, book your tickets on the Annual Pass VIP Experiences mini-site and you’ll receive your tickets via e-mail, then on the day:

  • For Parades, head to the Castle Stage on the side of the Annual Pass office, and on the right side of the stage you’ll see a roped off area with some Cast Members, show them your annual pass and your pre-booked tickets, showing them on your phone is OK.
  • For Fireworks, Head towards the castle from the Agrabah toilets and you’ll see a roped-off section and some cast members, much like the parade just present your annual pass and your tickets.

Both locations are marked on the maps below.

Dedicated Concierge Line

Pass Levels: Infinity.

Infinity pass holders have a dedicated concierge line to use to book their stay, pre-book restaurants, and arrange for any other services at Disneyland Paris. All you need to do is ring +33 1 60 30 60 84, and you’ll be asked for your pass number.

Free Swimming Pool Access

Pass Levels: Infinity.

With your Infinity pass, you are able to book tickets to use some of the hotel swimming pools for free. This is another item tied with a lot of conditions:

Access to a selection of swimming pools located in the Disney Hotels and Disney Nature Resorts, upon presentation of the valid Infinity Annual Pass and confirmation email. Access to the fitness centres are not included. Access subject to availability. Reservation is required up to 15 days and no less than 24 hours before the day of visit, only via the dedicated online platform. Valid for the Infinity Annual Pass holder and one accompanying person. The Annual Pass holder and Guests agree to respect the rules of the swimming pool. The pool at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch may replace another pool closed for refurbishment – please do not forget to check the closure periods on

And the quick breakdown is:

  • Tickets need to be pre-booked via the VIP Experiences mini-site.
  • Valid for open swimming pools in Disney Hotels and Disney Nature Resorts
  • Tickets are for the pass holder and one guest.
  • All pools are subject to closures.

Everything Else

… and that is it! For an Infinity pass holder, it can be a lot to chew on. Discounts and features change from time to time, usually in November, and we’ll aim to keep this page up to date with all the latest features.

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