One of the perks of the Infinity Annual Pass is a dedicated phone line for booking hotels, restaurant reservations, and just general queries about your AP and other Disney services.

The phone number for the line is +33 1 60 30 60 84. Remember, this is only for Infinity Annual Pass holders only, and they do ask for your pass number!

But, is it worth the possibly pricey international phone call to access the dedicated line? Well, possibly not. On the occasions we’ve rang the line its bounced around 5-10 minute wait up to a staggering 40 minutes to book tickets for an Annual Pass holders event. One sneaky way to to access their services, and possibly avoid any queues, is to request a callback on the Disneyland Paris website and then ask to be put through to the Infinity line. Of course your mileage may vary, some cast members are happy to do so and others not so much.

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