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Set right in the heart of the Disneyland park at the bottom of Main Street, Plaza Gardens is an all you can eat buffet style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Unlike many of the other restaurants at Disneyland Paris, the theming at Plaza Gardens feels more subtle than an all out attack on your senses.

Themed as a Victorian pavilion, the antique styled furniture, beautiful stained glass ceilings and ornate fixtures make this restaurant more in-keeping with the mental image of a themed restaurant. There’s nothing overtly Disney about it, just a relaxed opulence.

Inside Plaza Gardens.
Inside Plaza Gardens. - Image Credit: Disneyland Paris


As a buffet restaurant, the food options are always rotating.

For breakfast, you will generally find an offering that is similar to the hotels; a selection of pastry’s, cooked meats, and some warm items (typically scrambled eggs and bacon).

During lunch and dinner, the options are quite varied. There is a well stocked salad bar and seasonal soups, pasta options, and an array of meat and vegetables. Coupled with pizzas and the standard offerings of chicken nuggets, the menu at Plaza Gardens is well suited to families.

Despite the hot food items sitting under lamps whilst out on the buffet, none of the food had that tell-tale sat there too long taste. There’s a small army of chefs that you can see working away in the background, and the high footfall going through the buffet means the food is never sat there for hours on end. Though, if your reservation is one of the last of the day / that particular meal then you may notice some food options are not replenished.

One area that could do with improvement is the ability to get drinks. On entering, you’re asked what you would like to drink and get one drink included in the price of the buffet. You can, however, order additional drinks. That is if you can get the staff to stop long enough for you to do so! Unfortunately, the staff at Plaza Gardens are doing everything; seating new guests, getting drinks, clearing tables when guests leave and removing plates from those who have finished with that particular plate and are on their way for more. The result is that ordering an additional drink can be challenging through no fault of the servers – everyone wants to get their monies worth at an all you can eat restaurant, so plate clearing is a huge job.


Plaza Gardens is one of the more competitively priced food offerings at Disneyland Paris.

At the time of writing, the adult buffet is €35.99 and a child’s buffet is €18.99 which when you consider the variety of food available feels like a really good price.

This restaurant is also included on all options of the dining plan.

You can find the current price, and the drinks menu on the Disneyland Paris website.

Character Dining

During the breakfast seating, the restaurant offers character dining meaning you will get to meet some Disney characters. This is a fantastic way to get photos and autographs without having to queue up in the park, but there is no guarantee which characters will appear.

Both Mickey and Minnie are in regular rotation at Plaza Gardens, as is Eeyore and Tigger. Other characters that have been known to appear are Piglet, Pooh, Scrooge McDuck, Donald, Goofy and The Chipmunks. Like all character dining in Paris, you will get some characters just maybe not your favourite.

We have personally never tried the character breakfast at Plaza Gardens (though it is on our list!), but a few of our friends have. The general consensus seems to be that it is great for small children, but you are quite rushed to get everything done (eating, photos, autograph, get your child to take another mouthful of food before they spot another character, etc.) and the characters don’t spend very long with you. That being said, all our friends with children said they would visit again for the ease with which they got to meet characters.


You can book this restaurant up to 6 months in advance, and booking is recommended as this restaurant does sell out quickly.

You can book by calling the dining reservation line on +33160304050 international call rates will apply if you’re calling from outside of France.

This restaurant can also be booked online, but only if you change your location on the website. A guide on how to do this is available on our website.

The concierge desk in any of the Disneyland Paris hotels will also be able to make a reservation for you.

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