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Based on the Ratatouille film, Bistrot Chez Rémy is a table service restaurant themed to create the illusion that you are rat sized. Serving traditional French cuisine, this is one of the most popular restaurants at Disneyland Paris and is situated in the Disney Studios Park.


Without a doubt, Disney went all out on the theming in Chez Rémy.

From the moment you enter the restaurant, you really believe that Rémy the ‘little chef’ is in charge and that you are the size of a rat. All of the decorations are normal household items that appear to have been repurposed by Rémy and his friends to kit out a restaurant. The tables are all designed to look like either jam jar lids or the lids from different teas, whilst the chairs are formed from champagne corks.

As you wander round the restaurant you can see that parasols on tables are actually cocktail umbrellas, the lighting is a combination of fairy lights and collanders, and the separators between booths are giant plates.

Combine all this with a giant ‘Anyone Can Cook’ book and you truly believe you are eating at Rémy’s.

Themed to make you believe you’re Rémy sized.
Themed to make you believe you’re Rémy sized.


There are 6 set menus to pick from at Chez Rémy; the Rémy menu, the Émile menu, the Linguini menu, the Gusteau menu and then the children’s menus which are called the little chef and the little gourmet.

Both the Rémy and the Linguini menu allow you to pick a starter and a main course from a set list, whilst the Émile and Gusteau menus add a dessert and come with the option of an additional wine pairing.

To be honest, the food is somewhat hit and miss.

The starters on all the adult menus are basically the same – salad, seasonal soup or a terrine. From our experience, the seasonal soup seems to be vegetable soup in Spring, a tomato gazpacho in Summer and a pumpkin soup in Autumn / Winter. There’s been no change over the years that we have been.

The soups themselves aren’t very well seasoned, and if I’m honest, the tomato gazpacho was basically coloured water.

Neither of us have ever ordered the salad, but I have eaten the terrine which was quite nice.

Ratatouille served as standard with all main courses.
Ratatouille served as standard with all main courses.

All main courses at the restaurant come with a side of the classic French dish Ratatouille (well, you’d hope so given the inspiration for the restaurant really wouldn’t you?!). The problem is the ratatouille on offer goes someway to proving what Anton Ego says in the film – not everyone can cook.

We have had an absolutely gorgeous ratatouille at the restaurant, which was one of the best seasoned dishes I’ve eaten. But, we’ve also had overcooked vegetables in what looked like dishwater served to us.

Where the restaurant redeems itself though is in the steak and Béarnaise sauce. Now, I will admit that I am a sucker for Béarnaise sauce! If it’s on the menu, I’m going to order steak purely to get some Béarnaise sauce. So maybe my enthusiasm for the steaks is somewhat clouded by the Béarnaise…

I do think this is one of the best places to get a steak at Disneyland Paris. Every time we’ve ordered, the steak has been perfectly cooked and the accompanying fries or gratin have been delicious.

Perfectly cooked steak and gratin. The desserts have also always been good. We generally opt for the Tarte Tatin or the Tiramisu and have never been disappointed. Though the inclusion of Tiramisu on a restaurant that’s supposedly French cuisine is a little odd!

I’d recommend skipping the starter and asking if you can have the main and dessert instead.

We’ve personally no experience with the children’s menus, but as always with a children’s menu at a restaurant only you can know whether your child would be happy to eat there. We have had friends with children who have visited and said they enjoyed the food, and particularly liked that the fruit salads all came without a coating of sugar. It is worth noting that both of the children’s menu offerings are for a starter, main course, dessert and a drink.


Bistrot Chez Rémy is not the cheapest place to eat at Disneyland Paris. The Rémy menu, which is the cheapest adult set-menu option, will cost €33 at the time of writing. This doesn’t include any drinks. The children’s menu starts at €19.

The restaurant is one that you can eat at as part of the Disneyland Paris dining plan (both the Plus and Premium versions of the dining plan are accepted).

Given that the food quality can be so hit and miss, it’s hard to say whether Bistrot Chez Rémy is worth the price on that front alone, but when combined with the theming the experience is worth it. When the food is good then it is definitely worth the price.

You can find the current menu and pricing on the Disneyland Paris website.


You can book this restaurant up to 6 months in advance, and booking is recommended as this restaurant does sell out quickly.

You can book by calling the dining reservation line on +33160304050 international call rates will apply if you’re calling from outside of France.

This restaurant can also be booked online, but only if you change your location on the website. A guide on how to do this is available on our website.

The concierge desk in any of the Disneyland Paris hotels will also be able to make a reservation for you.

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