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Disneyland Paris, much like most Disney parks in the world, have excellent air links in the local area. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is just a 10 minute train ride or a 45 minute car/bus ride away from the park. CDG is serviced some of the world’s major carriers and is the home airport of Air France. Paris Orly (ORY) is an airport south of the city and only really accessible to the park by bus or car, but it is serviced by some of the budget airlines. With the Magical Shuttle providing shuttles from both airports you can be quite flexible in your choices.

United Kingdom


With London’s collection of reasonably local airports and relative short distance to Paris, its easy to find a flight to Charles de Gaulle. The UK and France’s flag carriers, British Airways and Air France, both fly out of London Heathrow airport at regular times throughout the day. This amounts to a total of twelve flights a day during the peak period.

easyJet have flights leaving from Luton and Gatwick airports, but only a limited number. We suspect this is due to the sheer number of flights available at Heathrow.

Vueling offers an alternative option flying out of Gatwick, they land at Paris Orly, which is south of the city, but the airport is serviced by the Magical Shuttle. While the trip to the park will be longer than from Charles de Gaulle Airport the flights may be better timed and a option to consider.

Liverpool/Manchester Area

Much like the London airports, Manchester is serviced by many major carriers and is seen as the number two airport in the UK.

For travelling to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Air France and easyJet are the two primary carriers who fly direct, both airlines have three to four flights a day, depending on the season, and are timed at regular intervals throughout the day. It is quite possible to organise a day trip with the flights, leaving at first flight of the day at around 5-6am and returning to Manchester at 9pm.

From Liverpool airport, it is possible to get a seasonal easyJet flight to Charles de Gaulle, but with it only being once a day and the cost of travel between Liverpool and Manchester being quite small, it may not be worth travelling from there.

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible flight, then Ryanair fly from Liverpool Airport to Paris Beauvais Airport (BVA). While the name of the airport may say Paris it doesn’t really represent its true location which is quite a fair way north of Paris. The trip to Disneyland Paris will be around 75 miles (122km) and would take about an hour and a half to get to the park. Unlike Charles de Gaulle the airport isn’t serviced by a rail line or the Magical Shuttle so it’ll be either taxi or alternative bus service to get to the park.

Other Airports

While Air France isn’t the cheapest option, it does cover the most of the remaining UK’s major airports, with Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Glasgow covered by direct flights to Paris.

easyJet have made a name for themselves over the years for providing a no frills air service to popular destinations, and Paris is one of those. Flying from nearly every major airport in the UK to Paris it shouldn’t be difficult to find a route that works for you.

For everywhere else, you’ll be able to find a indirect flight via British Airways via London Heathrow.


Much like the UK, Dublin is serviced by Air France directly and usually hang around in the best price flights over to Paris, Aer Lingus, as expected, runs frequent flights as well.

For the more price concerned traveller Ryanair is the budget travel option, but its worth considering the price difference to the other carriers if you want to take hold luggage as well, but its hard to argue with Ryanair’s value for money.

An interesting option for people flying from Dublin is to change in Liverpool, you could take advantage of very cheap (and short) Ryanair flights to Liverpool Airport and change to Easyjet or take the train to Manchester Airport and pickup flight from there, for an hour or so delay you may be able to pickup a sizeable saving.

The Rest of the World

While we can’t speak for every country, we’ll try and update this article with hints and tips provided to us by the community. For the rest of the world looking at one of the major international carriers, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Delta, and American Airlines would be the best route to Disneyland Paris.

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