What does 'staying On Site' mean?

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On site is the term used across major theme parks to denote accommodation that is operated directly by the theme park resort. Generally, they are on the site of the theme park, but they can be a few miles from a theme park’s entrance (especially in the case of larger resorts like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando).

Staying on site typically brings additional perks. Early entry to the theme park, enhanced booking windows for restaurant reservations, and unique character meetings are just some of the perks that can be enjoyed at different resorts, plus there’s the additional benefit of never truly leaving that theme park bubble.

Accommodation operated by the theme park will typically offer free transport to the individual theme parks within their group, but not to other nearby competing theme parks, e.g. Walt Disney World on site hotels will offer transport to the various Disney World parks, but they do not offer any transport to Universal Orlando or SeaWorld Orlando.

On site accommodation can often be booked as part of a package with theme park tickets at a reduced rate, but it is worth pointing out that these packages can often be more expensive than the counterpart to on site, which you may have guessed is called off site.

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